All In One Rhythm

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For most of us, the years go by in flashes and blurs, foggy and indefinable from one another. It’s difficult to remember what happened last week, let alone four hundred ago. As we get older, time indeed does seem to pass quicker. I’m sure it has something to do with each 365 days being an incrementally smaller portion of our lives, as well as our decreasing propensity to be surprised, bewildered and in awe of things. There are, without a doubt, certain periods and events that are permanently etched into memory. Experiences that stand out, which are in focus, while the surrounding images fall back to the endless, fuzzy tapestry of life.

One of these exceptional periods – and I think I speak for a lot of South African’s – took place in the winter (well, for us in the southern hemisphere) of 2010. Have you guessed it? Of course you have. The Football World Cup Twenty Ten was a special, stand-out event for a nation, a population and for many individuals. Speaking of Cape Town, there was an electric, tangible energy that permeated the city. The influx of foreigners, the passionate locals, decorations and colours, events, echoes of Waka Waka, the rejoicing of the World Cup and what our nation was pulling out the bag combined to produce a wonderworld of spectacles and celebration. It was a beautiful thing to behold. Against all the doubt and cynicism, the most watched event in the world became a success story for South Africa. Goeie werk, umsebenzi omuhle, omnandi and good job! We were all so proud, and still are.

Now as some of you may be aware, the Brazil World Cup 2014 is currently underway. It must surely be a hot, glorious occasion, in a country rich with culture and a strong propensity para a festa. Unfortunately, some were not so impressed with the opening ceremony, using words and phrases such as ‘underwhelming’ and ‘not up to standard’. Just remember, it is easy to be critical and biased from across the Atlantic, so we will continue watching as it all unfolds, eagerly following the progress of our favourites (some chosen only at the start of the game) and the favourites. Good luck Brazil, we love what you are doing and we support you, all in one rhythm!

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