Pure Poetry

We thought that this entry for the competition needed to be seen by more than just our eyes. A beautifully crafted, poetic example of just what the Mother City can inspire. Cape Town is a city of contrasts, which is what I love about it and what I miss living in Africa because, for the […]


Sunday, in the middle of August?

Mid-winter in Cape Town and an unseasonable, sweltering 29 degrees. There’s only one thing for it: Plant yourself squarely in front of a serene shoreline (which one, we’ll leave up to you), preferably on top of a towel and with the optional respite of an umbrella. What else to bring? Firstly, even though it’s winter […]


What Does CPT Mean To You?

We’re writing this with a question in mind. One that has many answers, some obvious and shared, and others slightly more personal. What does Cape Town mean to you? Well, to us, it is: The aesthetics. The flat top mountain that towers gloriously over the city, spilling its disappearing white cloth. Lions Head and Rump, […]