These Streets

Design is for Tomorrow

Yesterday, the 12th of August, saw the commencing of Design is for Tomorrow Open Design Showcase, which will hijack Cape town for 12 days of inspiration and idea-sharing. With design-orientated events, expos, workshops, movie nights, tours and more, they ask the question:”how can design add value as an agent for social, environmental and economic transformation in […]


Get Back To It

First Thursdays started back in November 2012 , and has been a wild success ever since. Every month on the date, when the galleries and cultural events stay open late around Cape Town’s central city, Bree street and it’s surrounds transforms into a heaving, animated mass. In fact, it has become so popular that to […]


From Stonehenge to Stem Cells

So here we are. Two thousand and fifteen years of the ‘Common Era’ (We don’t say AD anymore, in the name of secularism). Every time the earth completes its orbit around the sun, we feel the need to celebrate an end and a beginning. No other organism shows signs of being aware of this transitory period; […]


Where No Cars Go

Last week Sunday, Bree Street closed its source, mouth and estuaries to motorized vehicles and opened up to pedestrians on foot, skateboards or bicycles. The Open Streets initiative, which began in 2012 by a group of volunteers “committed to a more equitable, integrated, safer and vibrant city” encourages a conscientious approach to carbon-free transportation, and […]


The Purple Shall Govern

A quarter of a century ago, South Africa was an oppressive and volatile nation under the apartheid rule. The subjected were angry and on the brink, and after eons of subjugation, their resolve was gathering and strengthening. This brings us specifically to The Purple Rain Protest on 2nd of September 1989, where one circumstantial twitch […]


Love Uthando

Let us first give you some context about James Fernie and Uthando (Love) South Africa. This non-profit organisation has dedicated itself to alleviating the real and pervading crises of unemployment and destitution that our nation faces. James has approached these problems with innovative projects that involve a cross-section of the communities in the townships, encouraging […]


What Does CPT Mean To You?

We’re writing this with a question in mind. One that has many answers, some obvious and shared, and others slightly more personal. What does Cape Town mean to you? Well, to us, it is: The aesthetics. The flat top mountain that towers gloriously over the city, spilling its disappearing white cloth. Lions Head and Rump, […]


Yes, It’s Raining.

So the rain is whipping down and across Cape Town, leaving the horizon grey and every surface cold and glistening. The trees are swaying and bending against the wind, the pedestrians huddled over and defiant. Here we are in the middle of quintessential peninsula winter. Today is not a day to go forth and take […]


Moonlight Mass

This fantastic, self-propelled city tour under the luminosity of the full moon was the precocious brainchild of Daniel Graham and Elad Kirshenbaum. It started out as a twitter experiment back in December 2011, and soon gained popularity and numbers. For the last couple of years, I managed to have not heard of it; not been in […]


Cheers to us, and those like us…

We raise our glasses to a new kind of New Year. Of which the clock only rolls over once the aftermath of the countdown is concluded and post the apocalyptic period of festive celebration. Once we have gathered ourselves towards ourselves, set sights appropriately and put in motion the cogs and gears that will drive […]


The Sacred Elephant | The Intimate Theatre | Hiddingh campus

The Sacred Elephant

Multiple award-winning theatre artists Jeremy Crutchley and Geoffrey Hyland will collaborate on a new production, Sacred Elephant, an adaptation of the celebrated work by poet Heathcote Williams, from 2 to 18 February at the Intimate Theatre on Hiddingh Campus. Continue Reading »


Zapiro – Jiving with Madiba

Do not miss the Zapiro exhibition at the Jewish museum!

World-renowned Artoonist Jonathan Zapiro is hosting a fascinating exhibition, celebrating the life and times of possibly South Africa’s greatest man, Nelson Mandela. Continue Reading »


Cape Town, Design Capital of the World?

Is Cape Town a worthy of the crown of World Design Capital 2014

Like many other Cape Townians, I was unaware of what the World Design Capital 2014 was actually being judged on. Continue Reading »


Solomon and Marion

Solomon and Marion is set to captivate audiences at the Baxter Theatre.

Dame Janet Suzman returns to the South African stage for the first time since 1976 to star in Lara Foot’s Solomon and Marion.

Losing a child is unspeakable; losing a child to violence is unthinkable. Is it even possible to begin to deal with such pain? Continue Reading »