Cheers to us, and those like us…

0 Posted by - January 31, 2014 - These Streets

We raise our glasses to a new kind of New Year. Of which the clock only rolls over once the aftermath of the countdown is concluded and post the apocalyptic period of festive celebration. Once we have gathered ourselves towards ourselves, set sights appropriately and put in motion the cogs and gears that will drive body and ambition.


This is not to say that the summer epoch is over, that we must lose our brio and give up on all hedonistic endeavors. February is the start of endless and excellent possibility, with the Berg wind filling our sails. Disparate from twelve months ago when the gusts breathed heavily into one’s ears like an alcoholic uncle spewing unreservedly bad advice. There’s a new kind of energy that is fizzing and bubbling around Cape Town. It could be the badge ‘Design Capital of the World 2014’ imbuing pride and a hint of ego. It could also be the accolade of New York Times #1 tourist destination in the world turning short, timid steps into leviathan strides.


Either way, we look ahead and move forward with unalloyed enthusiasm, lifting chalice to this year and those to come, because let’s be honest, there are damn few left.

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