Days Like These

0 Posted by - February 26, 2014 - Welgelegen

The wind has dropped and the temperature has risen to a sultry 35 degrees. This means that even the smallest activity results in exasperation and a filmy, shiny brow. Our saving grace is the whirr in the corner of the office, suffusing the room with cool air. On days like these – as much as we love fresh air and dappled sunlight – air conditioning becomes an almost sanctified commodity, and just the thought of venturing outdoors brings on a strong case of agoraphobia. On days like these we stay pinned behind old railings, peering out with mixed emotions.

Luckily, however, behind the railings and the roses and the bushels of mint, along the path and up the stairs, we find solace. Solace in the shady corridors and airy, open rooms. Where we can be calm and reflect on breakfast, an easy lunch and then the exciting prospect of dinner. If one is brave enough, the plunge pool is solar-heated and so is as warm as the weather but still invigorating. Of course, after a short time symptoms start flaring up again and one has to scurry back inside for fifty shades of shade and a zesty refreshment.

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