Ho Ho Holy Moly it’s Hot in Cape Town | Welgelegen at Christmas

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Signal Hill sunset, yesterday evening.

It’s shocking to think that I haven’t posted any Welgelegen big 5’s or exciting happenings in Cape Town, since October! Where has this month gone? Where has this year gone?
The good news is, we are all still here. The World did not disappear. I was, possibly for the first time ever, quite happy to wake up to the taxi drivers’ co-pilots belting, “CaaaaYYpe ToWn, whistle, whistle, CaaaaYYpe ToWn!”, upon the lark’s flute this morning.
Yes, we are all still at work. Tick follow tock.

So here we are, in December. ‘Tis the season to be jolly. At Welgelegen, ‘Tis the season to be jolly busy. It’s wonderful. We have two houses full of jolly good people from all over the World. Irrespective of how each person or family likes to celebrate this time of year, we’re feeling the joy, the merriment, the excitement, not to mention the heat. I don’t remember a December like this. Is this not usually what we experience in February? Well, there are certainly no complaints. The beautiful weather is opening up our coastal roads, climbing up and around our mountain, chatting up our market places, and warming up our seas (well, um, almost).
The Sun’s seduction is hard at work. Just remember your SPF. And a hat.

Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas. Happy holidays. Love and Sing and Dance your way into another day, another dawn, another year…

Signal Hill sunrise, this morning…

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