Little Karoo for You

0 Posted by - January 23, 2014 - Off the Path

As you know, we love LOVE Cape Town. Some would say slightly obsessed, but with good reason! It offers a panoply of activities and aesthetics, which we constantly endeavour to experience and promote. However, we are explorers at heart and strive to go out and beyond, extending our reach. Roughly three hours outside the Mother City and close to Montagu lies Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. A vast expanse of endemic flora and fauna, and home to the only free, self sustaining White Lion in world. This 54 000 hectare (That’s the size of Singapore) plot is the ultimate functional beauty. I say functional because of the multi-purpose healing Aloe Vera, the disinfecting Soap Bush and just incase you were suffering from an ear-ache, the area is scattered with plants that can help with that too. Hopefully none of these natural remedies will be necessary, but I found it all very fascinating and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Sanbona really is a stark splendour. Flatlands regularly interrupted  by undulating mountains and outcrops of 3oo million year old rock. More than the plants and animals and staggering landscape, the area exudes old, soulful energy. You’ve got to feel it to believe it. Luckily, dotted around the reserve are various five star lodges that offer earthy luxury. The staff are wonderful and the field guides are exceptional.

So, if you just MUST venture out of our favourite city, head East until you get to these co-ordinates: -33° 55′ 9.18″, +20° 29′ 54.33″

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