Loop Street gives us Skinny Legs & All

0 Posted by - September 7, 2013 - On the Palate

I love Loop Street and I love the streets neighbouring it, too. As far as streets go, in Cape Town, it is undoubtably one of the easiest to walk along. Not just because of its aesthetics; galleries, boutique stores, cafes, casting agencies…but also because it is flat. Relatively. I struggle with shopping at the best of times, but even more so when I find myself in a quaint, local designer clothing store, following a steep incline, out of breath, full of sweat, attempting a cashmere pullover. I love Loop for this reason.

So, while it’s not likely to give you skinny legs, unlike some others in this magnificently hilly town, it does allow you to set out for a stroll. Meander your way down, up and around. Easy peasy.

And then you find Skinny Legs & All. Who needs the hills of (K)(Loof) for those?

Of course the name of this luxury cafe has nothing to do with the girth of our thighs or in any way, shape or form referencing Cankles (where the calf meets the ankle). They are merely referring to the table legs. And maybe the chairs, too.

The food is fresh and indulgent. Full of flavour and simple. Subtle music and discreet furnishings accompany you. Perfect, non-invasive service from the skinny counter to the table.

I left feeling completely satiated and slightly skinnier. With no hills to climb home.

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