No Ordinary Burger

0 Posted by - July 2, 2014 - On the Palate

We’ve noticed recently that scores of coffee shops, burger joints, sandwich stores and just about every eclectic mix of food and drink establishments are popping up around Cape Town. There’s creative ambition filling the air, leaving no room for doubtful minds or riskless endeavor. These days, one has to be extra brave and really push for that gap in the market. It’s exciting for us consummate consumers, who are always on the look out for new foods and spaces that might challenge and invigorate; or just people producing what they love and doing it well.

So the excitement starts brimming over when sight and smell are vigorously stimulated by the cooking, serving and eating of The Nob’s specialty: Hamburgers. They are massive, and come either plain, with cheese and bacon, mushroom sauce, a hefty serving of garlic, or chili cheese. All of which look astonishingly good. First we order a drink – from a limited selection, I must add – from a small and fiery women who immediately insisted we have a jelly-tequila shot. Fantastic! The crew who are working have oodles of energy and personality, and are happy to deal with us ogling first-timers. Now sitting at a raised round table in the corner, slightly precariously, and adorned with beer, one can take all of it in. It really is a terrific accomplishment; small and funky with a lot of character and a lot of potential. And it has only been open for six months.

After a couple of cold ones and some less than impressive pool, the burgers arrive at the table in all of their glory. It took a good while to get through one, but well worth the push and consequently a bellyache. Top-notch hamburger that could have done with a little less bun and a few fries, but now we’re just being pedantic. It was a wonderful evening and highlighted just how cool and ambitious Cape Town is. The restaurant closes at 9pm, even on a Friday (needless to say we were sniffing out the next watering hole) as of course they care a lot about their staff and it isn’t the safest area late at night. So we move on at about 9.45, sated and with an optimistic outlook for the guys at The Nob. Keep pushing and keep creating what you love.

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