We have 3 different therapists at Welgelegen. All of them bring their own individual honed skills to the table.

Below is a list of therapies we have to offer:

Deep Tissue healing massage
R400 1 Hour R600 1.5 Hours

Deep Tissue polarity balancing massage
R400 1 Hour R600 1.5 Hours

Flight Recovery Package to include detoxifying massage, lymph treatment, reflexology, body buffing

R725 2 Hours

Lymph Drainage. This treatment is recommended for those who suffer from fluid retention as it encourages detoxification and assists in draining excess fluid from the body.
R550 1.5 Hours

Reflexology. Both balancing and energising, this gentle yet powerful treatment looks after the seven thousand nerve endings you have in the base of each foot.
R450 45 minutes to 1 Hour

Manicure / Pedicure R200 – R300

Classic French Polish, Latest in Nail Treatments, Gelish and Adhesives as well as a Massage incorporated

The following therapies are priced according to the specific package.

Lymph Drainage & Oedema Therapy
Time varies from a quick resuscitating 15-minute treatment, up to 1 Hour

Therapeutic & Sports Massage Therapy
Including Bio-Electric-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation

Bio Magnetic Light Therapy

Ionised Oxygen Therapy

Counselling / Healing – 1 of our therapists has a Diploma through the World Development of Human Resources

All other beauty treatments can be arranged as desired.

Please do pay your therapist directly for your treatment. All credit card / account payments will incur a flat fee of R50.00 extra.

If you specialise in a particular holistic therapy and would be interested in using our treatment room for a week or two of sessions, we would be very happy to hear from you.