Red Balloon Revolution

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For months (maybe years – quite possibly, years) we have been planning and dreaming about our little shop in our little office turning into a space bursting with colour and culture, art and words.

Sophie Vos-Kooistra and Jitra Janssonius-Sinselmeijer have helped us to do just that. It’s all a matter of the old trusted “work-in-progress”, but to start, our canvas has colour and the pages have words.

The Red Balloon Revolution is founded by the vision of these wonderful women; Celebrate the birthdays of underprivileged children. For every item you purchase, you are not only helping a child acknowledge their special day, but extending a hand further to the women who make the beautiful pieces. From the shores of Lamu to the townships of South Africa.

We are so lucky to have their Revolution, in our shop, telling its own story.

Red Balloon Revolution

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