Solomon and Marion

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Solomon and Marion is set to captivate audiences at the Baxter Theatre.

Dame Janet Suzman returns to the South African stage for the first time since 1976 to star in Lara Foot’s Solomon and Marion.

Losing a child is unspeakable; losing a child to violence is unthinkable. Is it even possible to begin to deal with such pain?

In Solomon and Marion two very different characters, an ageing and heartbroken English white woman and a young black man, from opposite spectrums of the South African context, each carrying narratives of significant loss, are thrown together by extraordinary circumstances.

Through delicate and careful story-telling, a transition is facilitated from a condition of darkness to hope. The characters come face to face with their own and each other’s fears, culpability and longing, which gradually turn to empathy and ultimately the revelation of truth.

Dame Janet Suzman, the niece of anti – apartheid activist Dame Helen Suzman, is a highly regarded actress who hos wowed audiences on stage as well as through the silver screen. She, in the past has tended to be drawn to many of Shakespeare’s works although not limiting herself to those “classic” roles.

As an institution infatuated with the arts, Welgelegen encourages its guests to get out there and see a side of Cape Town that not too many visitors are likely to have heard about.

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