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As we love to share all things bright, fruity and sweet with you, we thought we would talk about what is happening just a hop, skip and a springful jump down the road from the Hotel. The City Bowl Food &, from today, Fashion Market is buzzing louder than all of those bees who made their honey. Offering delectable tables of fresh breads, fruits, vegetables still covered in soil, smelly cheese, an artisanal chacuterie, sticky honey, salty nuts, coffee that is genuinely cared for, candyfloss, homemade tortillas, classic marmalades, Turkish Cypriot meatballs, Hong Kong egg custard tarts, and let’s not forget the playful Argentine style empanadas. It’s exciting. There is good food, and LOTS of it.

If you are not watering from the mouth, then perhaps you are not hungry. So let’s talk about the fashion, then. (For those who are busy eating all of the above, turn away now, because it will deter you from your next helping, in the hope of fitting into some of the garments.)

In fact, as I am only on my 5th helping I’m going to drop the fashion talk and just say, go and meander your way through the classical, the vintage, the casual, the Kinky Chinkie (yes, I promise that is the name), the Puppy Club (men’s clothing, not women’s accessories) and all of the jewellery collections, too.

And if you are not interested in food, fashion, or market music then there is always that other reason to go…we all know how cool it is to be seen at a cool place.

To market we all should go.

Opening Times:
Thursday ~ 4.30PM – 8.30PM
Saturday ~ 9AM – 2PM

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