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We live in a country filled with beautiful landscapes, vibrant towns and cities fringed by ocean or mountain or both. Most of the time, things work and we are content. Satisfied with lifestyle and experience, and the experiences of those that surround us. But we are not ignorant or mindless enough to pretend that South Africa isn’t in strife. A combination of exorbitant unemployment, barefaced corruption and ineptitude has rooted a large portion of the population destitute.


For some, compassion and possibly guilt push towards small philanthropic gestures or donations when deemed appropriate. For others, it is not enough to be a by stander, tossing coins and encouraging words through half drawn car windows or sitting comfortably in their Posturepedic chairs while the EFT goes through. This minute group of people realises the importance of a “real, intimate, human level of interaction”.


No one believes this more than James Fernie and the Uthando team. This non-profit organisation approaches South Africa’s – specifically the Western Cape – crises of poverty and joblessness with a unique, innovative and self-sustaining approach. Uthando provides support for projects ranging from disability, housing and shelter to education and skills development. Which is why they have been voted the best charitable organisation in Africa for 2014.


One would like to avoid cliché, but we should learn the pressing importance of helping our fellow man and the danger of apathy.


We praise and salute Uthando’s indefatigable contribution towards a better, more wholesome nation.


“Quality of life comes down to quality of contribution”.

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