We recognise, we reconcile.

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While we are aware and play close attention to this:


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“Our country is in shambles, and the quality of life of millions of ordinary South Africans is deteriorating”.


These are the words of Revd Canon Barney Pityana, in an open letter to the ANC urging President Jacob Zuma to resign from all public office. In the letter, the Revd eloquently expresses his reservations and fears regarding ANC policy and specifically Jacob Zuma, describing the government and the chief executive as unintelligent, incapable and a-moral.


In light of Madiba’s passing, the modus operandi of government and the frustration and bleak outlook of South Africa’s people, there seems to be a shift in perspective that is far more open and public than ever before. I’m sure the public booing of Zuma at the memorial in Johannesburg, an incompetent and fraudulent sign-language interpreter, as well as the contention of Tutu’s attendance to the Qunu funeral ushered this shift along quite nicely.


We are a nation that has suffered and shouldered incomparable struggle, yet we have broken through and emerged multi-racial, multi-cultural and fundamentally functional. However, we have strayed from the path that Mandela as well as many other brave souls put us on. We are lost. We are unhappy with our current ambassadors of democracy. Mainly because they no longer represent what South Africa fought so hard to achieve. As Pityana writes: “Leadership matters. Leadership must be accountable and it must be exemplary.” The state of our nation is perverse and it must not continue.

For the full letter: http://www.sapromo.com/news/item/1560-zuma-asked-to-resign-from-public-office



We still hold true, in our hearts, to this:



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