We Should All Read More

0 Posted by - April 25, 2014 - Welgelegen

And no… Text’s, email’s, facebook feeds, tweets about Justin Beiber, news, bank statements, subpoenas, road signs and menus don’t count.

We’re talking about books. Classics or acclaimed modern authors, whose work stimulates and challenges one’s mind, inspires and enlightens. So let’s exclude the published work of E.L James. There is so much out there that will educate and enrapture; from Tolstoy to Roald Dahl, Wilde to Waugh. It’s all available for consumption.

We were sent a link to an article (these count in some cases) written by David Nicholl earlier this month which echoed our thoughts quite nicely and suggested an allocated 30 minutes every morning – or whenever suits – to some good old-fashioned book reading. He describes how a short half-hour can transfigure ones life.

Neurobiologically speaking, reading is undoubtedly good for the brain. For those non-believers, click here. The article talks about a study conducted at Stanford University where subjects were asked to read certain content while their brain was scanned. The results showed not only the obvious increase in blood flow to concentration areas of the brain, but deeper activation when reading analytically that we don’t usually employ. There it is. Irrefutable.

We’re aware that certain levels of reading is a skill that not everyone possesses, but like everything else, practice makes perfect!

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