What Gets You Up in the Morning?

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Is it the sun shining through the window, softly pulling the soporific blanket away? The thought of a brand new day filled with fresh experience and infinite possibilities. Unlikely…

For most, it is necessity. Having to be somewhere to do something for a certain amount of time, ultimately resulting in our survival or if we’re lucky, maintaining a certain standard of living. Considering the majority of the population’s reason for getting out of bed, it’s no surprise we suffer from depression, anxiety, frustration and hopelessness. Such triviality cannot be healthy without the belief of purpose or passion.

We seem to ignore this on a simple basis of mass example. A comparison between our lives and the lives of others. Terry is an accountant who works long, hard hours so that he can have financial security now and in the future, and because it is a respectable profession. He doesn’t have time for distractions or leisure, except for that expensive holiday at the end of the year. His resolve could be considered as ‘purpose’, and yes it is possible that he does indeed have a passion for numbers and thoroughly enjoys his job. Good for Terry. We are all very happy for him. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for a staggering portion of us, and this example of a conservative, traditionalist and indefatigable approach to life is a grand perversion of individual aspiration and true living.

One might question if the economy, and subsequently society, would not crumble if everyone who didn’t enjoy their career or that their true passions lay elsewhere, gave it all up in pursuit of what they believed to be ultimate happiness and satisfaction. Who would do the number crunching, street sweeping, brick laying or any profession considered unrewarding? Is this not simply a fantastical ideology that only exists because in fact, by nature is glorified and implausible. The answer: It doesn’t matter.There will always be people who contribute a period of their lives to hard labour or unimaginably dull work, some of which will find solace in the simplicity. Humans are fundamentally geared for a system of “effort and reward’, eloquently described by Gladwell in Outliers. This doesn’t mean we should stop striving to explore and create and achieve.

It cannot be repudiated that a person is most effective when fuelled by passion or purpose, making it so very crucial that every one of us aim and push towards an existence that inspires ambition and instils gratitude at the majesty of every moment. Take risks and explore the plethora that this world has to offer. The unknown is the greatest agent of liberation, but if left undiscovered it can also be an oppression of the spirit. We must act soon. The muck of comfort, routine and triviality is persistent and slowly rising up above the knees. Soon we’ll be submerged with no way to the surface and nothing left but the insipid taste of complacency and regret.

Luckily we live in a beautiful world and an even more beautiful city, with myriad creative avenues and opportunities that await anyone with a modicum of ambition and vision. Go out and “do more”!


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