Yes, It’s Raining.

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So the rain is whipping down and across Cape Town, leaving the horizon grey and every surface cold and glistening. The trees are swaying and bending against the wind, the pedestrians huddled over and defiant. Here we are in the middle of quintessential peninsula winter. Today is not a day to go forth and take the trail two steps at a time, to wonder around the Company Gardens feeding squirrels, or to visit the coastline and skip stones across rock pools (although, the dark and heaving ocean can be quite a spectacle).  Today we can stay in and stay warm, but this does not mean under the duvet or moping about in the kitchen. Since we live in an immensely diversified city, there are assuredly things on offer for this dreary occasion. Let’s have a look at just three of them, to distract from the glum conditions:

The first is Third Thursdays – and this one involves brief periods of outdoor time – where once a month all of the art galleries in Roeland Street and the neighbouring roads stay open late. Most of the shops, such as ANOUK furniture and décor, offer wine and a hearty soup. There are also food trucks parked and cooking up hot, delicious dishes (Meisies Kitchen never fails to impress with their sass and creative eats). Given the sporadic downpours and the requirement to walk from gallery to truck to gallery, a warm, rain resistant jacket would not go amiss.

The second – if one’s mood is more leisurely – is the Kloof Street Library. Situated at the top end of the street, this local library is quaint, with warm and quiet corners to sit, relax and enjoy a good selection literature. When it rains, read!

The third is the theatre upstairs at Alexander Bar. This intimate space runs Monday to Saturday and show cases anything from stand-up comedy and cabaret to Jazz and acoustic sessions. The atmosphere is warm and informal and brings the performers close to the audience. The bar itself is full of archaic charm and has a functioning antique rotary dial telephone system, encouraging conversation across the room.

Yes, it’s raining, but that doesn’t mean one is quarantined to the house. Wrap up, drive safe (headlights on and don’t panic) and be social.

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